The story of the family

Three generations, the story of a passion. The Terenzi Family:
history of Men and Women who’ve knowingly encompassed the “absolute”
in a “spot of perfume” and “life” in a “spot of wax”

The perfumes of Tiziana Terenzi:
the essence of the moment

The creation of these perfume essences comes from the never-ending quest to depict and capture emotions. These perfumes embody the powerful Faustian desire to try to hold on to a beautiful moment, and the constant exploration of the “self and the non-self”. The perfume uses its full power to evoke the experience of being by the fire – a moment which represents a life lived to the fullest and intense, squeezing the last drop, living in the moment – the sharing of an intimate moment with the rest of the cosmos.

All the evocative essences of a beautiful memory are trapped inside the precious olfactory molecules, forever etched in our minds.
It is not simply perfume, but an actual journey through the emotions and memory. Because of its unique quality, these creations come from their having started out as a series of notes jotted down in old notepads narrating a journey which has yet to draw to a close. As well, the formulation of the molecules does follow the rules of traditional haute perfumery; instead it opens itself up to the freedom of exploring all possible alchemies, through “politically incorrect” actions. It manages to represent the true essence of life, including its imperfections, tensions, dissonances, all of which make the moment simply beautiful. There are no stylistic compromises here; each molecule has been selected because it must exist – almost independently of the author – because these creations are expressions of the truth..

These perfumes cannot be worn like a simple piece of clothing; they are only for those who love to completely immerse themselves in life, fearlessly experiencing its essence to the very core. They are complex creations which do not completely reveal themselves; they require reflection. The notes are continually transforming, often invading the bottom of the heart and exploring uncharted territory. It is a precious alchemy in the making; and one which never stops generating new musical notes because of the continual evolution of our emotions and the way it is perceived. To experience a perfume with this kind of structure requires time, patience, perseverance, and wisdom. In fact, it does not reveal its essence to just anyone. You cannot just decide to wear it. IT will be the one to choose YOU if it feels you have the right soul to truly understand it..

Tiziana Terenzi – Creative Director

Tiziana is a teacher of applied arts and designer and she has collaborated with top jewelry brands. Her sophistication and love for “beautiful elegance” is expressed in the outstanding meticulous artisanal detail and unsurpassed quality of each and every Terenzi art object. Each Terenzi piece includes 24-carat gold details, highest quality hand-blown Italian glass, wood inserts or caps from rare woods of Italy, handcut and sewn Italian leather inserts. In 2015 her creation Chimaera for Anniversary Collection line has won the Best of the Best award from Robb Report magazine. The big success came with Luna collection, where all her knowledge was expressed in her high goldsmith manufacturing cap.

Paolo Terenzi – Perfumer

Paolo Terenzi is an extremely talented, well respected Italian perfumer. Very unconventional, a captivating storyteller, his philosophy is to “compose beauty”. Paolo background is as unique as his compositions: professional musician, with a degree in law and philosophy, studies in chemistry and physics, and a poet with limitless imagination and sensibility. The result: art and beauty translated into liquid life.

Paolo loves to work only with natural raw materials, that he sources personally all around the world in his many travels. In his library of materials, he focuses on 200-300 most precious notes that he blends to create highly complex, sophisticated rich compositions. Paolo has worked with top international fashion and design houses in the world for many years but together with Tiziana created their own signature brand in 2012. In 2014 already one of their fragrances was nominated among the Finalists for the Fifi Awards.

… three generations, the story of a passion …

The Terenzi family has ancient origins dating back to the Roman days of the tales of Horace. The surname derives from Tres enses (three swords), and fades back in time into the cradle of civilisation. We can just mention here the Latin playwright Publius Terentius Afer, and the traces of our family in 15th century Rimini, with the nobleman Gabriele Terenzi, lover of art and alchemy, who died around 1450.
A race of leaders, explorers, artists and – above all – inventors. Guglielmo, who truly embodied the spirit of the inventor and the artist, was a cavalry officer who loved everything that was beautiful and harmonious. He played the drums and wrote poetry, also devoting his time to philosophy and the search for the aesthetics of beauty. Alongside him throughout his long life, his wife Luigia (Bigia) – a strong, practical woman who indulged her husband’s interests with discretion while at the same time guaranteeing stability and solidity for the idealistic dreams of a man who met princes and kings during his military career.

Luigia decided to channel her husband’s talents, and set up a little artisan laboratory in a small room of the big family home; the first brick in what would become a tale of over 40 years, passed down to the current day, generation by generation. Guglielmo had always loved perfumes, especially colognes; he created his own personal collection of them, using natural essences from his beloved land. His love of music and syncopated rhythm always seeped into his creations like an author’s signature. He taught his son, Evelino, the art of olfactory harmony and the techniques of well-balanced tension, borrowing the language of the senses from the world of music. Evelino inherited his father’s love of music – he plays the clarinet; and he tries out new paths with great inventiveness, fascinated by mechanics and progress. A true inventor, able to transform the family business into a haven of surprises, where even today visitors are charmed by a place that seems magical. The machinery in use was invented and produced by Evelino himself. The little artisan workshop gradually grew bigger, increasingly epitomising the character of Evelino. The bricks and floors, and every nook and cranny of the premises, are still seeped in his spirit and scent.

An olfactory memory that guides his children, Tiziana and Paolo, in their ongoing search for a colossal new challenge amid the work carried out by their predecessors. Tiziana and Paolo share everything, uniting their skills in a blend that could probably never have emerged from one person alone. The family bond holds them firmly together, just as the oak sinks its roots into the ground, providing the fruit of knowledge for generations living beyond time. The music of their forebears still plays in their hearts, and the journey is always towards the sea. Even today, the focus is still on unique creations, natural and valued raw materials, and painstaking attention to detail, because every single creation that leaves the premises is a child of this family; it speaks of men and women who’ve knowingly encompassed the “absolute” in a spot of perfume, and “life” in a “spot of wax”. “Fire may be represented as the destroyer of all sophistry, and as the image and demonstration of truth; because it is light and drives out darkness which conceals all essences. Truth at last cannot be hidden. Dissimulation is of no avail. Dissimulation is to no purpose before so great a judge.” Leonardo da Vinci

“Fire may be represented as the destroyer of all sophistry, and as the image and demonstration of truth; … it is … and drives out darkness which conceals all essences. Truth at last cannot be hidden. Dissimulation is of no avail. Dissimulation is to no purpose before so great a judge.” Leonardo da Vinci