The stylistic idea of this project lies in the pursuit of absolute purity. It is the desire to capture, without any “artificial” interventions, the extreme style of the most beautiful things that exist: nature with its wild, majestic and impressive rules.

From our lands, each year, there will in fact be a new crop of carefully selected raw materials, cultivated with care and love by expert hands. These raw materials will be macerated and mixed conscientiously following the artist’s recipe to reproduce an invaluable perfume extract. The sun, wind, rain and snow will, in fact, have left their indelible and unforgettable mark on these ingredients, giving the molecules a unique character and the fragrance its own soul.

Each bottle will contain the nectar of nature and will conceal its moods. All we must do is listen to them and admire them. This is the closest place to the expression of artistic integrity, far away from any possible contamination.
A long-term project for those who really love perfume. It will be a joy to meet in 5 years from now and talk about the time passed including all its unrepeatable uniqueness through the VERTICAL SAMPLING of these fragrance.


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum

In the wake of their original idea, Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi pursue their innovative stylistic project with two new creations in the Anniversary Collection. This complex, emotional stylistic challenge, dedicated to the lovers of refined and unique exclusivity, is almost unrepeatable. Each bottle encompasses a unique essence that, under the banner of the most ancient olfactory traditions, strives to open up new worlds of knowledge in the art of perfume making.

A new element has been introduced into the art of perfumery with these two creations, the seductive power of pheromones as a weapon of fatal attraction. Hidden among the chemical make-up of these essences lie invisible molecules able to alter human behaviour and send signals to the object of one’s desire. A secret and irresistible charm of timeless elegance, completely out of the ordinary, is hidden among the precious notes of these extraits de parfum.

These are not just “simple” perfumes, but real instruments of seduction. They are skilfully blended with bold and indelible “heartfelt emotion”, dedicated to the art of beauty and joy. These two extracts are donated to loyal members of the cult of wonder and passionate lovers of absolute exclusivity fully able to appreciate the stylistic effort behind a bespoke work. They are totally handmade with patience and dedication, by extracting and blending only the very rarest of natural ingredients.

A stylish design for those who dare to push the barriers beyond the normal scheme of things, for those who know how to be reckless explorers of the most intimate and secret corners of the human heart.

Here then are two new Anniversary creations, created by Paolo and Tiziana, inspired by the story of their infinite journey, following the smell of fire, of passion and of knowledge.

Magical mixtures that speak of seduction, of audacity and of fascination, that span the emotions of travels and dreams, to the glow of a crackling bonfire.

Two precious and unique extraits of parfum, composed of natural raw materials extracted exclusively for Terenzi. Almost unobtainable and priceless molecules devoted to an exclusive collection and limited only to expert connoisseurs of beauty.


Extrait de Parfum


Extrait de Parfum