The hypnotic power and beauty of fire are always present in our lives,
connecting us with great symbolic power to our emotions and to all of creation.

The perfumes embody the stages of a journey consumed by fire.

In the collection that we like to call “classic” because it was the first one that Tiziana created, there are two animated souls that are simultaneously contrasting and complementary. The first is a shiny, radiant gold captured in a gold bottle, and the second is a pensive, introspective black housed in a monolithic black bottle. They were both invented and designed in accordance with the teachings of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was an apt appraiser of aural proportions and perfection.

Gold Collection

Newly introduced to the collection is a round bottle, decorated and plated in pure gold and closed with a high-quality wooden stopper originating from the Woods in the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo mountains, where we played freely as children. The name of the perfume is etched in gold on a sophisticated leather label from Tuscany, the same that is featured on the box.

The gold bottle houses perfumes that recount experiences lived in contact with surrounding nature. It reveals a level of experience that draws its strength from the beauty of nature lived with heightened sensibilities and that emanates its radiant scents just like the glittering of the pure gold on the sides of the bottle.

Black Collection

To complete the classic collection is a square bottle decorated in black. On the top of this is a stately square stopper made of the finest wood by skilled Italian craftsmen. The name of the perfume is fire-etched on a wooden label originating from the Tuscan forest.

The black bottle is strong and powerful. It represents an internal, very intimate journey to discover one’s self.
Every detail is the result of meticulous study aimed at finding the harmonious state that confers a sense of well-being on those who possess it.

Anniversary Collection

The Anniversary Collection stems from the oldest perfume tradition. An innovative stylistic challenge that wishes to give perfume its original scent. The selection of high quality and rare raw materials only allow a limited annual production. Each precious bottle is catalogued with the year of production. The recipe itself remains the same although, each year, it gets the sublime touch of nature. For this reason, each bottle will be a unique and collectible piece.

Luna Collection

When wearing one of these perfumes, we feel a sense of wonder, because this collection embodies the essence of “re-discovery”, of recognising the dearest possessions we thought we had lost, or perhaps did not even know that we had forgotten.

Wearing these fragrances takes us on an epic journey to the moon in search of our precious lost object.

Luna Stars Collection

 A new, innovative project of artistic perfumery is born, inspired by the search for the root of the fragrance.
ATTAR: Tiziana and Paolo finally realized their dream, creating a new wonder which is also a new fragrance category: Attar nectar.
ASSOLUTO: Stylistic research advances into new frontiers, passing through the exploration phase before plunging into that dreamlike dimension and climbing back up again, along the complex pathways of the jewel.