The perfumes embody the stages of a journey consumed by fire. In fire, every emotion, every image, every fragrance comes to life and exists almost independently from our thoughts. Our perfumes capture the indomitable spirit of our emotions

It is not simply perfume, but an actual journey through the emotions and memory. Because of its unique quality, these creations come from their having started out as a series of notes jotted down in old notepads narrating a journey which has yet to draw to a close.

The selection of high quality and rare raw materials only allow a limited annual production. Each precious bottle is catalogued with the year of production. The recipe itself remains the same although, each year, it gets the sublime touch of nature. For this reason, each bottle will be a unique and collectible piece

The exclusive collection inspired by the beauty of wonder. Childlike wonder, lost and found, then enclosed in drops of a “lost” perfume that has never been revealed until now.

Tiziana and Paolo have always loved the contamination of cultures and personal growth. They were involved in this project since very long time, with the aim to make a perfume nectar with the nice and velvety texture of honey, different from any other product that can be found in the world.

The stylistic effort of this project is even greater than ever. After so many years of work and research we have overcome the pyramid based structural limits imposed on perfume up until now, allowing us to explore really new and unknown worlds.

Stylistic research advances into new frontiers, through the exploration phase, and then it dives in a dreamlike dimension, climbing to the complex pathways of the jewel.

The new collection is dedicated to the understanding of the power of love that animates our daily exploits. That power that shines in us as brightly as the trail of a comet whose reflection reverberates in the celestial vault.

This time Tiziana’s creative genius has crafted a collection that goes beyond the boundaries of art and beauty, plowing through a sea of imagination, where matter is shaped by dreams.