Air Design

Tiziana Terenzi, the most innovative design brand,
linked to the search for materials, such as vegetable waxes and top-quality fragrances. Unique and precious creations that elevate objects into cult wellness pieces. A brand that looks to the future, anticipating latest trends with unique and exclusive high-fashion creations.

The Stone

Porcelain has been shaped by hand to become a refined and exclusive vehicle for perfume that is ideal for home fragrance diffusion in any room. This stone, which comes in an elegant and unique gift box, has become the new frontier of pot pourri.

The Candles

Alchemies of precious materials pass the test of fire
Tiziana Terenzi is the brand that brings together the ancient knowledge of three generations of Master chandlers and Perfumers and the most innovative design, linked to the search for new materials, such as vegetable waxes and top-quality fragrances.
Thanks to the flame burning with a wooden wick that reproduces the crackling of a fireplace, fragrance smelling is enhanced by a new fourth sensorial experience.
In fact, at the top of the classic olfactory pyramid is now the air phase “smell of fire”, characterized by fragrance.

Catalytic Lamps

Osmosis Diffusers